These types of Friends are the most vital part of any individual’s life.They could make you smile when you are low or they could even make you cry  by pinching on your bu*t for no reason. We all have a group of friends and each of them has a unique quality. which makes him significantly important to be the part of your group. So lets study different BUDDIES everyone usually have:

The Chuddy Buddy Friends

He is the one with whom you watched THUNDERCATS in your childhood or was usually your CO-RIDER when you rode your tricycle. Chuddy Buddy is always proud of being with you the whole time & he even sometimes brag about it in front of your other friends. He is the only one with the privilege of checking out your refrigerator for food & the only one who doesn’t even mind wearing your CHUDDIES for no reason.

Chuddy Buudy Type Friend

The Maula Jutt Type Friends

When you mix Terminator, Superman, Bruce Lee & Shaan in a blender, you end up with getting this type of friend. He usually stays hyper active & no one ever knows why he always ends up in a fight with any living creature on this planet. This friend loves to wear a black leather jacket, have bruised face or knuckles almost 364 days a year & is always in the gym regardless of day or time.


The Cake Type Friends

He is the most PRETTIEST in your group. He is always clean shaved, wear branded clothes & spends most of his time setting up his hair. But seriously though he literally cries from inside when every other friend of yours ends up hitting on him. Don’t ever forget to check out his phone because he usually will have almost every girl’s number you have in your class.

The Cake Friend

The Multi-Ghareebonaire Type Friends

Yes! You read it right. This friend won’t have any money whenever your group hangs out. When making out plan everyone knows, they have to contribute for his share. This friends never even bothers to carry a wallet. He always swears to return your money when he is in a bad mood but always ends up for asking 100 Rupees exactly after 5 minutes. Look out for these friends, they could literally have built up their own secret empire somewhere in the world with the money of yours.

Gaheebonoer Frined

The Stoner Type Friends

He is usually the soul of your group. From Pan Masala to Sheesha, he can get you anything. But they are the usually ones who put you in trouble because they leave traces of cigs in your car which can only be found out by your dad even after an expensive car service.

Stonner type friend

The Car Wala Type Friends

Without this guy you can never enjoy the parties & hangouts. He is the only one with a car in your group. This friend enjoys the perk of demanding anything in exchange of lending his car to you for a DATE. Without him it would have been really difficult to get a driver’s license because.

The Car Wala Friend

The DSLR Guy Type Friends

You need a new Facebook Profile Picture? Contact this friend & you will get one. He is the always one with a camera in his hand clicking selfies & photos. Even your parents don’t have as much pictures of yours as this guy has.

DSLR wala Friend

The GAALI Master Type Friends

If the censor board ever finds this guy, He would be banned for life to speak. He is the Ph.D. in foul language. No one has ever known why he always have an urge to speak out a BARRI WAALI GAALI. when you are on phone with your mom. This friend always takes care of the annoying wrong numbers upsetting your girlfriend & makes sure that they never even dare to call their own girlfriends out of shame.

Gali wala Friend

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