Types of co workers

These types of  co-workers might be sitting next to your cabin or even next to you chair. You know that they are haunting your dreams at night but still you have to live & work with them for 8 hours a day. They are the people with some real SUPERNATURAL powers to annoy, inspire, upset or even scare the living daylights out of you

Busy Bees:

They are found sticking to their chairs behind a computer staring at their screens like they have found a treasure. They have no idea of what, where or when brunch or lunch is during their office timings. When staff is planning of some party they start talking about meeting deadlines hence spoiling the plan. They are the most “KAAMAY BACHAY” of their office.

The Magician:

As the Name describes, he/she is the magician among his team. No one ever knows the spell he/she casts and gets his assignment done even before time. No one has ever caught them WORKING but they still are the ones who are first when it comes to meeting deadlines. From today it’s our mission that we altogether will expose their magic trick if we get our hands on it? Do that ‘PAKKA WALA WAADA’ with us!

The Food Junkie:

Usually we have our laptops, mobiles, files, papers, pen holders & everything which can come handy while doing the assignment placed on our work desk. But Food Junkies are very different. They like to keep their lunch boxes, a coffee flask on their right, a plate full of biscuits & snacks on left, a bin filled with fruit peels in the bottom & the question of what’s being cooked today in cafeteria on top of their minds. Their only motive to live is eat, work, sleep & eat because their parents have always taught them from their childhood“KHAOGAY NAHI TOU BARRAY KESAY HOGAY’.

Wolf of Wall Street:

On some day when you are not feeling more likely to work. You need to get some motivation from this guy in your office. He’ll usually be found walking fast all around the office, signaling & saying hellos to everybody, having a mild smile on their face & sometimes cheering out loud when they feel like they have made even a 10 Rupees profit. They are always high on TEA & COFFEE.

The Cry Babies:

Imagine you are already piled up with loads of work, upset because the salary is few days late. Now you need a little motivation to accomplish your tasks & some recipe to revive your mood but INSTEAD the cry baby comes and starts whining about not so good HR policies, deduction of salaries due to leaves, bad internet in office or special favors of your boss to some specific employee. He cries & whines until you literally burst out crying or start clenching your teeth with anger because of the problems. ‘Rula diyaa, Rulaa Diyaa, Teri Baton Ne Mujh Ko Rula Diyaa”

The Time Freaks:

Nobody is ever punctual like these people even not the most accurate watch of the world. They arrive right at time in their office & leave right on time. Sometimes these kind of employees are seen on entry of offices & when asked about why they are standing there for no reason? The reply usually is “Pooray Time Pay Andar Jauga, Pehlay Kiun Jaun, Extra Paisay Tou Milnay Nahi”.

The Italian Job Fans:

They can’t be identified until they leave traces of getting away with your stapler, pens or calculators. They pull “The Italian Job” almost every day, ultimately leaving the blame on you of misplacing the belongings due to carelessness. According to us if some ones talks out loud he could be this guy because “CHOR MACHAYE SHOR”. We know we made a lame joke HAHA!


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