Top 5 upcoming games of 2017

Most awaited titles are about to be launched in this year for PC, PS4 & XB1 users.

The year 2017 will be pretty exciting for gamers. As many game developing companies is going to launch some promising sequels & new titles. The upcoming games will be will of course features some next level graphic details, new storylines etc. Companies are coming up with real innovative idea & this year in 2017, gamers will witness some exciting new gameplays. So it’s time that gamers must start to save up to enjoy some exciting titles coming this year.

Halo Wars 2:

Platforms: Xbox One, PC

Date of Release: February 21, 2017

Although the core Halo has been more entertaining but Halo Wars will provide some innovative yet different experience. And of course Halo Wars in one of very limited Real Time Strategy games which are available to play on console. Halo Wars will be featuring an exciting tactical action. Gamers will be able to enjoy multiplayer modes for six players. So, this features will indeed boost up excitement in players & they will have some real intense gameplay time. The game also features an addition to new type of enemy which will referred as ‘The Banished’. These new additions will undoubtedly enrich the experience for the gamers.


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Horizon Zero Dawn

Platform: PS4

Date of Release: February 28, 2017

A very promising upcoming title Horizon Zero Dawn features almost every element which a gamer would like to have in an open RPG game. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of those unique titles which will be based on storyline of destiny, fate & identity. Horizon Zero Dawn will be featuring some new cool weapons, tactics & combat strategies. From possessed robotic dragons, dinosaurs to attacking people Horizon Zero Dawn includes some awesome and exciting game features. And yes Horizon Zero Dawn will look pretty tremendous in 4K resolution.



The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Platform: Wii U, Switch

Date of Release: March 3, 2017

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will mark 30th year of its presence with its arrival in 2017. The Game will be an open world game featuring wilderness of monsters. Game is an open world game with a blend of dramatic adventure to sci-fi genre. The game has been awaited by many and is soon to be released next month probably.



Gran Turismo 7:

Platform: PS4

Date of Release: Q3-Q4

Gran Turismo is coming again marking its 13th installment in of the series. Gran Turismo has always been the aces of racing games. The latest installment of this series will be Gran Turismo Sport.

This installment is going to be excited and players will be able to enjoy long hours of gameplay. Gran Turismo Sports will be featuring three game modes including Campaign, Sports and an Arcade mode. Gamers will be able to enjoy both online and offline gameplays similar to previous installments. Gran Turismo Sport will be somehow different from previous installments as players will be able to enjoy dynamic weather & time cycle.

The best part of Gran Turismo Sports is that players will be compatible with Playstation VR Headset. Although the gameplay will only be limited to a special VR Tour mode.



Battalion 1944:

Platforms: PC, PS4, XB1

Release Date: May 2017

Another game Battalion 1944 based on World War II is coming forward developed by Bulkhead Interactive. Call of Duty 2 and Medal of Honor are already 2 successful titles based on World War 2 era. Battalion 1944 will be recollection of enjoyment from these two classic titles.

Recently Bulkhead initiated a successful Kickstarter campaign and now developers are working on title’s release. The gamers will enjoy the realistic experience of gameplay in real world locations such as Bastogne forests and streets of Carentan. The gameplay experience will be more focused towards players and their in-game skills

Battalion 1944