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Most of us are living just a life. Getting up at early, doing our 9 to 5 jobs, hanging out with friends and then getting into bed again. Few of us have developed any goals and even many few of them are able to achieve them. All of us have been strangled in our daily routines making us unable to think and act out of the box. We have just been limited to a list of tasks we have to accomplish every day. In order to move out from the box one may have to start his life again to achieve his goals ultimately leading to a successful happy life. For this purpose moving out to a new place may be considered as a first big step. Different countries have different lifestyles and cultures. Every culture is surrounded by an aura of its kind which may suit to any individual according to his personality and beliefs.

There are many places which could be considered when it comes to move out and to accomplish something big or live a pleasant life.

  1. The Bahamas:

Bahamas holds the title of tax free heaven. Unlike other Caribbean islands, Bahamas is least expensive to live a peaceful life. However you may have to consider the medical facilities and not so good medical infrastructure if you are planning to move in Bahamas.

Bhamas top 5


  1. Hong Kong:

If you are fond of experiencing different types of foods or love in spending your time in entertainment centers then Hong Kong can be the best place to live in. Although it isn’t a tax free place but government has set up some tax friendly policies also numerous investment opportunities. If you love to take a walk around metropolis or downtown with a scenery of tall skyscrapers in the evening then Hong Kong could be the right place. Hong Kong has the most number of skyscrapers in the world.

Hong Kong

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  1. Singapore

There isn’t a better option than a country where crime late is equal to zero and cleanliness is up to the mark. Singapore holds the title as a clean zone for crime and pollution. Some also refer it as fine city due to strict rules and regulations. If you are planning to live there, you must be prepared to pay huge fines for the penalties but ultimately this will bring some positive improvement in your lifestyle.

Singapore4. UAE (United Arab Emirates)

UAE has set a benchmark as a state where life can be adventurous and luxurious without any boundaries. People who plan to start a new life usually move to UAE especially Dubai because of high quality of living and friendly tax policies. UAE has the most friendly tax policies and lowest crime rate. You can walk by in your streets in the middle of night in UAE without any fear. UAE has also been the center of many international events making it one of the liveliest places to live a good life.



  1. Monaco:

Monaco is the world’s richest and luxurious country. If you move to Monaco, your neighbor could be world’s one of the most influential personality. Monaco is said to be rich people haven. The splendid weather, expensive luxurious events, rich people parties, and world’s most expensive real estate make Monaco to stand apart from other countries. However if you cannot afford to buy a house in Monaco, you can buy a yacht to make comfortable living in Monaco Marina.