Dating Problem In Pakistan

It’s a common question these days that “ OO JAANI PHR AJKAL KONSI WALI IN HEIN” or “AJKAL KONSAY UNHO RAKHAY HAIN” among youngsters. Behind the answers to these questions there’s been a lot of “MEHNAT’ & ‘KHUWAARI” brown people usually do in order to brag about their relations among their friends. One of the MEHANTI step includes GOING OUT ON A DATE for which our people have to face different challenges like:

What To Wear For the Date:

Usually when the date is set for a “DATE’ the first thought is “KIA PEHN KAY JAOON GA”. Here you usually have 2 options. Either borrow a shirt from your friend or just simply follow the option number 1. As you know nothing about shopping so you just reach out to your friend who always wear brands & yes you don’t ever bother about size of borrowed clothes. You just push yourself into them & TADAAA! Problem is solved.

Lame Guys Date Dressing

Write a BOLLYWOOD level Leave Application:

You have to go on a date but it’s the class quiz which is haunting your nights out. So you decide to write a 100 XP emotional leave application. Few words from the movies TERE NAAM, KAL HO NAA HO or TARE ZAMEEN PAR might help you in writing the masterpiece application of ‘LEAVE due to DEATH OF A FAMILY MEMBER” or ‘SICK LEAVE”. Your CHUDDY BUDDY might add cherry on the top by calling your professor & reenacting as your father making him believe that you are going through worse situation.


Get your Hands on Your Friend’s DINKY:

You are very proud of your 70cc bike, You Love her, caress her & wash her every Sunday. Probably it’s the only one thing you care about most in your life. But now you know that you have to ditch your bike and get your hands on a car to go on the date. Your one & only friend has a DINKY which is not less than a Rolls Royce for him.

TIP: Offer him a dinner or lunch with a SHEESHA afterwards to get your hands on his car.

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Analysis of Your Financial Situation:

Now this is most critical phase of planning for a date. You reach out to your friends asking them for clearing all their debts and if you do have really good luck, you recover much of your money. You also do have a piggy bank hiding in cupboard where you secretly save all the change you get after buying SABZI, DAHI & ANDAY. Each & every penny becomes important and sometimes you do have to kill your desire of eating ‘ANDAY WALA BURGER” just because you have to save for your date.


& Finally

 Deciding the Place to Take Your Date:

Now this part varies and largely depends on the nature of your date. Ahemmmm !!. *DIRTY MINDS*. We mean that either you will take your date to the park just to have long conversations or some restaurant to have a nice romantic lunch but on very minimal cost. More importantly you also have to consider that nobody in your friends or family visits that place on that specific time you are going with your date. Zoo, parks & fast food restaurants could be the best place to go to if you are on a budget.


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