Hibah Rehmani Nasa Pakistani Girl Lameguys

The story of a girl from Pakistan, who survived battle in the Gulf countries, lived as a migrant in a desert and then went on to making her way to NASA is simply heart-warming. This is in a nutshell, the story of Hibah Rahmani, an awesome woman who has defied all odds and secured an essential function at NASA, the US space agency.

She is a main rocket engineer at NASA ,her story is a role model to girls all around the world, that irrespective of how bleak things appear at times, they have got it within themselves to defy all odds and destroy stereotype.

Hibah Rahmani

was born in Pakistan. Then her family moved to Kuwait when she was a month old. She spent several Years peacefully in the Arabian Gulf, until conflict broke out between Iraq and Kuwait within the early 90s. Then she traveled to Jordan. After a short stay in Jordan, she traveled to Pakistan.

Then further she moved back to Kuwait along with her family and determined to become an engineer. After completing high school in Kuwait, she moved to the USA in 1997 and completed her Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering at the University of Central Florida (UCF). After graduating in 2000, she started working for Boeing as a structures Engineer for the International Space Station (ISS).

There she involved with integrated testing of the ISS components and sometimes astronauts would stop her to participate in testing so that time she developed a strong desires to become an astronaut as she started taking step toward this goal. So she completes a more advanced degree of Masters in electrical and computer engineering from Georgia Tech between 2002 and 2005.

In 2008, Hibah Rahmani accepted her current position at NASA’s Engineering and Technology Directorate at Kennedy. She support NASA’s Launch Services Program, working on replaceable launch vehicles such as the Pegasus XL and Falcon 9 She provide technical know-how, comply with release vehicle trying out, perform data reviews and provide technical exams of engineering issues.

She also presents actual-time updates to the NASA LSP Twitter and Facebook accounts throughout launch countdowns while she isn’t providing engineering aid to the mission staff. So it’s possible you would possibly have seen NASA’s status updates which were actually post by her.

She gives the message to the youngster that “stay focused and dream big” she thinks that she get this status because of her dream.