IBM Pakistan JOb

IBM has opened its doors for Pakistanis to come and work for them which will ultimately improve economic conditions and employment rate.

An American tech giant IBM currently running its business in almost 170 countries has decided to given career opportunities for Pakistanis. Obviously it’s a good opportunity for Pakistani nation but IBM itself will stay on benefit side .As Pakistan has been developed a lot in technology sector, education and people have also become technology driven and more technology oriented with this development.

IBM Will Launch CIC:

However IBM won’t be operating as a direct business entity in Pakistan, IBM will launch its Client Innovation center (CIC) based in three most major cities of Pakistan. The cities include Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

The opportunity which is being provided by IBM will not only prove to be beneficial for the country but also will improve the image of Pakistan globally as a nation. With this opportunity Technology sector will witness huge advancements and innovations. Also it will aid in betterment of curriculum which is being followed by educational institutions.

In the meanwhile, CIC will act as representative of IBM in Pakistan. CIC will help universities to enhance the skills of their students. This will ultimately help the students especially those who seek to work abroad in tech companies. CIC will also be engaged in providing internship opportunities to different students related to engineering and mathematics field of studies.

Who Will Get Benefit?

Altogether this will prove to be an advantageous and beneficial opportunity for Pakistan’s economy, students and other direct/indirect stakeholders. As Pakistan has gone through advancement in technology sector but there is still more development needed. This opportunity will reveal much of potential within the IT students. Such opportunities are much required in order to compete with global economies

It must be noted that IBM is one of the old, leading tech company having almost 380,000 employees all over the globe. The opportunity of working under such organizations is just a start as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and other tech giants are also attracted towards Pakistan after successful development of CPEC.