Kuwait Uplift ban from Visa

The lifting of ban will further strengthen ties between Pakistan and Kuwait and will allow business community free movement between both countries as said by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also said that Pakistani is the land of endless investment opportunities due to friendly investment policies and high rate of returns.

The decision to uplift the visa ban for Pakistani citizens took place when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber al Mubarak al Hamad al Sabah, yesterday. 

Seedlings to Foreign Investment

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also said that with numerous investment opportunities backing up 100 percent equity on joint ventures, this step will prove as cherry on the top. He reported that more than 1000 multinational companies are contributing in flourishing economy of Pakistan. Furthermore he added that with increase in energy project and developing infrastructure, foreign investors might be interested to avail investment opportunities in Pakistan.

As said by Prime Minister Nawaz Shari:

We would welcome further investments from Kuwait in mega infrastructure and energy projects being undertaken in Pakistan.

With more than 114000 Pakistani nationals living in Kuwait, the uplifting of visa ban will be a healthy initiative to strengthen ties between both countries.

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Role of Business Council And Ministerial Commission

Joint Ministerial Commission will be providing opportunity to enhance the bilateral cooperation in multiple sectors as told by Prime Minister. While discussing about bilateral trade he also added that there is still room of improvement prevailing for bilateral trade to unveil its full potential. On this occasion Prime Minister also proposed Pakistan-Kuwait Joint Business Council (JBC). This step will unlock further opportunities in agriculture, livestock, and fishery sector. A team of experts from both countries will soon hold meeting to decide plan of action for this purpose.