Potential Investors

Here are some useful tips to impress your potential investors in just few seconds.

So now you’re college days are over and have enough time to focus on your startup project. No matter what type of project are you working on! It could either be a unique product, informational blog, a computer application or even a new kind of board game. But the success of your idea relies on how you attract the investors to buy it.

So here we go with some useful tips which will make the investors WOW about your idea in just few seconds!

See the need & fill it: The first & foremost important element is need identification. Although you might have research before you started to work out on your startup project. But it is important to reach out to right audience to market your product by telling them or even making them realize their problems & presenting your product as a solution to it. Although need identification has become obsolete nowadays because now you have to create a need rather than identify the needs of potential customers. When you reach out to right audience you might find some potential investors for your idea!


Perfecting the Pitch:

Imagine what happen if you have to present your tremendous idea in front of people but don’t know where to start with. A boring introduction of yourself or just starting it with the description of your product will not be enough to attract the investors to your idea. The best way of perfecting your pitch could be to start with some story or to start with a rapid question with a audience. Story telling has always been the best way of pitching out your idea to engage the audience while attracting potential investors to the product.

Have Some History:

It’s a lot easier to attract investors if you have already been succeeded in your previous startup. Because everyone loves to make more money & investors won’t hesitate to invest again on your startup if your previous one was a success. Display your successful idea in front of everyone while pitching your current idea & it will surely double the confidence of investors on you. Don’t worry if it’s your very first startup, you still would have plenty of other reasons to impress the investors.

Be prepared for trashing your hard work number of times:

There might be number of times when you just have to trash you hardwork for further enhancements. You may have wished at many moments that “you would have known then what you know now”. But keep in your mind that failing is an essential part of process of succeeding. With every failure your one step ahead in enhancement & improvement.

Live Your Idea, Never Miss A Chance To Tell People About It:

Your social circle may be affected when you are working on your idea because of limited time to go out. Believe me there everyone is out there for some reason & give yourself some time to go out for meeting new people. Socialize & discuss people about new ideas. Get insights & implement it in your idea if needed. A well designed product as a result of different ideas & insights of different people could have potential to invest your future investors easily.

Play with the Numbers:

You might find it weird at first but deep down you know the importance of numbers, percentages & statistics. When pitching out idea, include the numbers in it & discuss the ratios technically with your audience. Statistics are always the source of winning some credibility & might give your potential investors another reason to invest their money in your idea.


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