Google Pixel 2 New

Google has reportedly announced to introduce a sequel to its famous flagship smartphone Google Pixel. The sequel smartphone will be known as Google Pixel 2. Although confirmed specifications haven’t been revealed yet but rumored have been started to flow out.

Google Pixel 2 Floating Out With Some News And Leaks

Google has reportedly admitted to introduce next flagship smartphone Pixel 2 later in this year only after few months of releasing its predecessor Pixel 1.

Right now the biggest rumor among tech geeks are that users will be able to use their Pixel 2 while sitting in bathtubs and won’t be worried if Pixel 2 slips of their hands and get a dunk in the water. However rumors are coming up on surface that Pixel 2 will be equipped with better camera and also would have less costly version.

What Google Pixel 2 Might Be Capable Of?

Predicted Specifications of Google Pixel 2

  • An impressive and powerful Snapdragon 835 CPU with 4Gb RAM
  • A decent sized 5 and 5.7 inch screens with remarkable 2560×1440 resolution.
  • Most needed and highly appreciated Quick Charge 4.0 technology.
  • Android 8
  • Beautifully crafted and impressive water-resistant body.

With such specifications, Google Pixel 2 could be the other next successful flagship phone introduced by Google. The Snapdragon 835 CPU is already being shipped in Samsung galaxy S8 and now will be available in Pixel 2. This means that it will surely be offering the astonishing feature of Quick Charge 4.0. So if you are looking to go out party with your friends and don’t want to miss using your smartphone, you just have to charge your Pixel 2 while you set up your hair. A 5 minute charge would be enough to offer a usage of 5 hours.

Google Pixel 2 will surely impress you with its extraordinary 4k display. Google might be adding addition DayDream VR support to its Pixel 2.However some worrying elements must be considered at this point that high res panel usually drains battery faster, creates overheating issues and results in poor performance. Note 7 was equipped with same type of display which is being rumored in Google Pixel 2.

Google Pixel 2 New

So if you get your hands on all new Google Pixel 2, you might be able to experience the latest Android 8.0 with massive support and functionality of Google assistant making your phone more useable and smarter. There might be some UI tweaks and major updates in home screen also leading to more user friendly experience. Android 8.0 elements havn’t been revealed yet and is being referred as Android ‘O’. Let’s see what mouthwatering dessert Android ‘O” will be named after. We hope Google officiates Android ‘O’ as Oreo !

Getting The Hands On Google Pixel 2:

Apple tends to unveil its latest IPhone this year in Autumn. Google has planned to introduce its Pixel 2 shortly after Apple’s latest IPhone release. So the month of November might be the time you’ll see the next beautiful device being introduced by Google.

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How Much To Pay for Pixel 2:

Google Pixel was introduced at £599 for 32 GB variant and £699 for 128 GB variant. Whereas Google XL was introduced at £719 for 32 GB variant and £819 for 128 GB variant.

Google Pixel 2 will also stand somewhere around these price brackets hopefully with the multiple variants according to storage capacity,

Google Pixel 2 new

Google Pixel 2 Will Surely Amaze If:

Introduced At Affordable And Tempting Price:

With Nexus 6P hitting the shelves for just £500, Google Pixel was sold with a price tag of  £819 almost to that of latest IPhone. So we will be tempted for sure if Pixel 2 comes up with affordable price tag with high storage capacity and features.

Increased Storage Capacity:

Google Pixel was offered with 32 GB and 128 GB storage Capacity. However it’ll be best if people are offered with an option to buy 64 GB storage or atleast with an option to extend Storage via Micro SD card.

A Body With Great Durability:

Google Pixel was highly appreciated because of its manageable design accroding to weight and dimensions. However the metal used in the body was prone to scratches and dents very easily. This means that Pixel users had to wory about dented and fainted corners after few months of usage even wothout major falls or bumps.

Water Resistance For Sure:

The feature is not common nowadays after Sony introduces almost every phone with this feature available. Even Samsung has jumped in a long time ago to provide water resistant phone. With the rumored price tags for Pixel 2, water resistance should be avialble to amaze the pixel user enough to enjoy best Smartphone Experience.

High Quality Audio Output:

Google Pixel had downward facing tiny speakers which were not able to compete with some other Flagship models. However Pixel 2 will look more attractive with above mentioned features and also sound more mesmerizing if Audio output is enhanced with good speakers and dacs. And yes! headphoen Jack is a must to avoid Yes or No to Headphone jack fights again. Also people are not ready yet to ditch headphone jacks on such a lovely phone.