Apple fotune top 10

Fortune has once again revealed the annual list of top prestigious companies in the world. The list once again includes almost the same companies with too little difference.

Of course Apple again has bagged the top rank in the list. Apple is now celebrating for sustained ranked on the top for 10 consecutive year. With Apple leading the charts, Amazon (another giant company) is following its lead. Amazon has improved its rank as compared to last year and moved up by one position in the list. Both of them are being followed by Starbucks, Berkshire Hathaway & Disney.

Fortune Apple

With the news of moving up & sustaining the ranks in list, there is Alphabet which descends down at sixth position losing the crown of having 2nd position. The social media giant Facebook & manufacturer of most used operating system Microsoft were ranked at ninth spot. When talking about such big companies, eyebrows rise with curiosity for the rankings of tech giant Samsung. It is missing from the top 10 list but still holds its position in top 50 list. Samsung is ranked at 35th position, with still holding the marks of its not so successful Galaxy Note 7 device.

The fortune reports holds the names of almost 1000 largest United Stated Companies based on revenue generation. Whereas the list consists of 500 International businesses with revenues crossing the ballpark of revenues of $10 billion. This fortune list is then minimized to almost 680 companies within a span of 28 countries. The list is built upon some specific analysis significantly related to revenue generation. After the list is finalized, feedback of 3800 analysts, directors & executives is used to derive the conclusion.

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The companies which are included in the list are undergone by judgments based on various factors such as bringing innovation, brand image, management of human resource, corporate social responsibility, usage of corporate assets, total quality management, financial stability, long term investment valuation & quality of products & services being offered.

Although Apple’s industrial ranking wasn’t brought to light. The reason behind this was lack of response rate in computer industry. Still the report will be enough to juice up the motivation for a company which is preparing for a big product launch in this year.