Css Exam Urdu Lameguys

Advocate Saif Ur Rehman has filed an appeal in LHC asking the court to put up a written decision ordering the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) to conduct CSS exams in Urdu.

Justice Atir Mahmood approved the order on an appeal filed by advocate Saifur Rehman, a candidate of CSS 2017, who had objected to an FPSC for the language in which the examination could be held.

The court soon orderd that because of the restrained amount of time, the instruction cannot be imposed for the 2017 examinations which can be due to be held next month. So, the examination will be conducted in Urdu from now on.

However, it already reported that 98 percent of the applicants fail to clear the CSS exam while 90 percent of CSS exam applicants fail in English language which makes to think that the primary purpose of the examination is not to test the English language abilities however the candidates’ authority on other fields of life includes their degree subject.

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But, until the official language is switched to Urdu in all authorities departments, applicants passing these exams in Urdu could face a long way extra trouble when they begin civil service jobs, as the official language is English.

The Supreme Court issued an order in 2015 asking all authorities dealings to be done in Urdu so that Urdu could become the official language of Pakistan. All central government offices were to take steps in amusing the court’s order. The order became issued by a three member bench led by using chief Justice Jawad S. Khawaja and took into concern several appeals on the matter asking the court to do so and make Urdu the official language of Pakistan as in the constitution of Pakistan.