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Staying Fit Will be Never Difficult After Reading This:

You always wanted to go to gym but couldn’t find enough time or unable to pay the hefty amount of gym membership fees. So we came up with some tips and tricks for staying fit especially for our nerdy friends. Our Nerd Fitness guide is a holy manifesto for people who are not much into beast mode workouts like Ronnie Coleman. Instead they just want to have a super-awesome athletic body shape like Zac Efron so they can pull off their shirts anywhere anytime without getting embarrassed. Anyone can set this nerd fitness guide as their goal to achieve in few days without spending too much time and money. The guide is as easy as dunking and eating OREOS in milk. The workout can be done without having any gym equipment and can be performed anywhere e.g basement, room or in garage.

So let’s go through our guide of home-based nerd fitness techniques to make you look awesome within a month.


Before you start you must warm up your body to accelerate to your heart pump rate. Warm-up exercise gets your body muscles to stretch up and prepare them for a workout. But keep in mind, you don’t have to waste all of your juice on warm-up exercise. A simple rope jump exercise, few pushups or jogging up and down your staircase will be enough to get your body warm-up for the workout.

After 5-8 minute warm-up exercise it’s time to move towards 6 step easy workout plan from our nerd fitness guide.

5 Step Workout:

You may need to write down the following steps to follow the order of workout:

  • Body Weight Squats : 20

Body Weight Squats


  1. Stand in straight position with your shoulder width apart. With a starting position, you can place your hands behind your head or in straight position.
  2. Start moving while flexing your hips and knees and sitting back with your hips. Imagine if you are going to sit on an invisible armless chair.
  3. Now you have to keep going down to full depth and rapidly reverse the motion to your starting position. Remember to keep your heads and chest up and knees out to properly perform the body weight squat.


  • Push Ups : 10

Push Ups

1)Place your arms straight on the floor.

2)Keep the torso, legs and hips aligned in a straight position.

3)Now bend the elbows and lower the torso until your chest slightly touches the floor.

4)Gently straighten your arms to reverse back to your starting position.



  • Walking Lunges : 20

Walking Lunges

  1. Start with standing in straight upright position with your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Put your hands on your hips, and take a big step placing your one leg forward while keeping your body straight,
  3. Now flex your knee to drop your hips. Knee must be flexed enough that your rear knee barely touches the ground to perform perfect walking lunges.


  • Dumbbell Rows : 10

Dumbles Rolss

  1. Select a flat bench and place a dumbbell on each of its side.
  2. Place your right leg on the bench, bend your torso from the waist until your body is parallel to bench and place your right on the bench for support.
  3. Now using your left hand, lift the dumbbell while keeping your lower back in straight position.
  4. Now pull the weight up to the side of your chest keeping your upper arm close to the side and keeping the torso in stationery. Breathe out while doing the workout.
  5. Now lower the weight to the starting position while breathing in.
  6. After specific repetition, switch the sides and perform this workout with left hand and leg placed on the bench.


  • Jumping Jacks : 30

Jumping Jacks

  1. Stand in straight position.
  2. Place your feet in closed position and your hands at your sides.
  3. Simultaneously raise your arms above your head and jump up enogh to spread your feet wide.
  4. Without any pause, keep repeating this workout.

These are the 5 secret signature workouts from our nerd fitness guide. After the workout is completed it is necessary to stretch your muscles which are previously tightened due to workout.

You may find these workouts a bit difficult in start as your body isn’t used to workouts. For example when doing body weight squats you may be unable to do them properly. For this purpose you can reach out for some support in start to maintain balance.

Do It Best As Much As You Can!

You may also have to keep in your mind that if squats are being done in right way. For instance while doing squats, think of it like you are going to sit on a chair and then immediately stand up right way without leaning forward then you are in balance.

And for lunges keep you upper body complete vertical and focus your eyes ahead.

As we previously described that our nerd fitness guide doesn’t need any gym equipment, you may use any thin cylindrical weight as dumbbells. Here we used the word ‘cylindrical’ to make you feel comfortable while you lift the weight and thinking of it as real gym dumbbell.

It Is Different:

Now you may be thinking that our nerd fitness guide you have been going through from last few minutes is similar to like those found everywhere on internet. Yes it may be the same but there is one major unique difference between our nerd fitness guide and other. You just have to follow the guide for 2-3 times in a week.

Yes, you read it right! Follow this plan for 2-3 times a week but not on consecutive days. And most importantly a good workout plan with a crappy diet is ineffective in fact dangerous!. Our nerd fitness guide also advises our readers to follow proper diet plan which include (nuts, lean meat & vegetable). Inclusion of natural food in your diet and cutting of processed food, sodas and sugar is one of the key to-dos to get your body in shape. This 6 step workout plan from the holy guide of fitness for nerds will be a life changing process if properly done as prescribed.

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