Business Startups with zero investment
Business Startups

Business ideas exist which needs no investment and can be started right away.

A day may come when you think of starting up a new business but you keep on hesitating. Dozens of hurdles and obstacles may come in your way to start up a new business. There could be a lack of motivation, less expertise or no human resource to start up your very own venture. But most of the people get stuck or just change their mind of doing business when it comes to having little or no investment to start business. Although there could be many other options to gather up capital for your venture for example applying for a loan, borrowing from your close friend etc. But still capital investment can be the major and foremost important problem when planning to setup a new business.
There are numerous ideas and options to overcome all these problems and even few businesses exist which can be started with very little or no investment. So let’s go through some business ideas which really don’t rely on capital investment.

First You Need To Know How To Start A Business Without Investment:

There are few phases which should be undergone to start a new business or else all your resources and hard work will be in vain.
1. Planning: The first and most important step of setting up a new business. Writing up your business and financial plan is mandatory and it can be done without any cost.
2. Business Registration & Licensing: Multiple minds are better than one. Partnership business means more creativity, division of tasks and responsibilities which means rapid growth and success. But partnership businesses, needs to be registered and proper paperwork must be done to avoid any future issues. The paperwork can be carried out on a very nominal fee.
3. Digital Marketing and Social Media Presence: Another important step no matter what type of business you are planning to start. Invest few bucks on buying a catchy domain name for you website and go for basic web hosting plan. Social Media can be the game changer if you are looking for free marketing and advertising medium for your business.
4. Equipment: No need to spend on office chairs, tables or expensive office electronics. Many businesses can be operated in your garage with a laptop and a decent internet connection. However if you are selling products you may need some up-front investing but in case of services, time will be your only investment.

Business to Start without Any Investment:

1. Personal creations
Personal creations like paintings, handicrafts can be the easiest way to earn reasonable some of money. All you need are some skills, few art supplies and your own time. There are many platforms such as eBay, Etsy and Amazon which allows you find number of buyers for your artworks.

Personal Creatiion
2. In-home services:
Service based business can be a good idea if you are looking to start a business without any investment. Another problem of having business headquarters is eliminated as you can offer your services by working in people’s home or in neighborhoods. You just need to identify your in which you are good at. For beginners babysitting, landscaping, car washing are the services which could be offered if you don’t have any professional skill set.

In home Services

3. Repair or skill-based services
If you are good with tools and well informed with how daily appliances work, you can utilize your skills as a repairman. All you need to do is invest in your time to watch some “How To’ videos and get yourself a toolkit which suits the service you are planning to offer.

Repair Servcies
4. Consulting
Consulting is one of the fastest growing professional services. Entrepreneurs and fresh graduates always seek advice and suggestions from expert professionals. If you have enough knowledge and experience in specific field, consultancy can become highly valuable opportunity you can avail. Strong and positive attitude can be a plus side and you can pursue the career of motivational trainer/speaker.

5. Micropreneurship
Micropreneurship can be solution to your lack of capital problems when starting a new venture. For instance you can drive for Uber service or may become a part of AirBnB. You can get most out of what you have already got and can earn a reasonable sum of money to start your own venture. Freelancing platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork can be another source of raising capital if you are good at digital marketing, content writing or even proof reading.


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